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Helping an employee back to work:

Returning to work (WorkSafe Victoria)
Information about returning to work, especially on planning, your obligations and those of your employee.
Work and Health: changing how we thing about common health problems (NHS - UK)
Information  on the relationship between health and work. Work improves health!
Return to work is part of recovery - working together for best practice injury management (WorkCover conference 2007)
The importance of partnerships in allowing return to work; the importance of work as rehabilitation.
Managing sickness absence and return to work - a practical guide for safety representatives (UK health and safety executive)
Information on the importance of return to work and how to manage it.
Rehabilitation: Managing return to work (Australian Government – Comcare)
A better practice guide for senior managers and supervisors.
Managing return to work (Health & Safety Executive – United Kingdom)
Toolkits, case studies and guidance on managing return to work.
Managing sickness absence and return to work in small business (UK health and safety executive)
Simple steps on how to manage sickness absence and return to work in small business.
A guide for managing the Return to Work (Canadian Human Rights Commission)
Step by step guidelines and handy tips for managing return to work
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Improving Return to Work management systems:  

Musculoskeletal disorders - occupational health toolkit (Institute of Occupational Health and Safety UK)
Information on prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation - includes training materials for employers and employees.
Surprisingly simple keys to effective workers comp programs
Information on workers compensation, focused on employee perceptions and experiences, and based on a Gallup study of workers involved in the system.
Supervisor's Guide to Managing Ill and Injured Employees in the Workplace
A web-based course to develop and enhance supervisor skills for dealing with workers who are injured or ill.
Program Standards - the Consensus Based Disability Management Audit (International Disability Management Standards Council)
A comprehensive approach to evaluating an organisation disability management approach, identifying gaps and "next steps" to achieve best practice.
Twelve totally 'unlegal' ways to slash workers compensation costs
Workers compensation: Corporate values and management practices that create bad employee attitudes
Reducing disability days: Healing more than injury (US)
A comprehensive article about return to work, its importance, and what can go wrong
Work Medicine (Australia)
Generic presentations to let senior managers know what will help return to work outcomes.
InjuryNet – Articles (Aust)
A practitioner network site which has a comprehensive list of articles on topics such as injury management, communicating about injury management, working with doctors and practitioner networks.
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Creating a healthy workplace:

Healthy workplace guide (Work Well UK)
A guide to assessing how healthy your workplace is, and putting programs in place to make it healthier
Promoting physical activity at work (Work Well UK)
How to promote physical activity at work and the benefits you can achieve
Health Work Wellbeing - downloads and tools (UK Department of health)
A wealth of resources relating to health, wellbeing and the workplace. Reviews of evidence and good practice and tools for assessing your own organisation.
Investing in people tools (UK)
Website that provides a range of tools to help an employer invest in their employees
What works at work? (Institute for employment studies - UK government)
A review of the evidence on the effectiveness of workplace interventions for common health problems
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Workplace ergonomics:

Officewise - a guide to health and safety in the office (WorkSafe Victoria)
A guide to managing occupational health and safety risks in the office environment
How to make your computer workstation fit you (Work Safe B.C. - Canada)
A simple but detailed self-guide for employees on how to arrange their computer workstation so it works for them.
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Exercise information:

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Helping the employee with their pain and disability:

Back in work - managing back pain in the workplace (UK Health and Safety Executive)
Advice for small business managers on how to manage back pain in the workplace

Questions are the answer: Get more involved in your health care (US Department of health & human services)
A good site to tell your employee about, it gives them tips on how to get the most out of their health care, including preparing for appointments, building their own list of questions to ask and tips on preventing medical errors.
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Mental health, stress and depression:

Partnership for Workplace Mental Health (American psychiatric foundation)
Information for employers about mental health in workplace, from the combined resources of the American psychiatric foundation and their employer partners.
Anxiety (American psychiatric foundation)
Information on anxiety disorders - medical illness that can have serious effects.
Stress - occupational health toolkit (Institute of Occupational Health and Safety UK)
Information on prevention, early intervention and rehabilitation - includes training materials for employers and employees.
Chronic Pain Management – Overcoming anxiety, depression and anger (Anxiety Treatment Australia)
Have a better understanding of what your employee is going through, this site discusses the effect chronic pain can have on a person and techniques to overcome them.
Best practice in rehabilitating employees following absence due to work - related stress (Health and Safety Executive UK)
A research project examining best practice management of stress related sickness absence.
Work related stress - good practice
Examples of policies and procedures, information on interventions to reduce stress and case studies from a variety of sectors.
Preventing Work-related Stress – A guide for employers in the public sector (Victorian WorkCoverAuthority)\
The OHS work-related stress prevention process and related tools and worksheets that help minimise stress in the workplace.
Healthy Work: Managing Stress in the Workplace (Work Info – New Zealand)
Looks at the causes of unnecessary stress and the keys to providing healthy work.
Beyond Blue – The National Depression Initiative (Australia)
Information on symptoms of depression and anxiety and where to get help.
Depression in the workplace program background kit download (BeyondBlue )
Information on BeyondBlue’s program for raising awareness of depression in the workplace.
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Other help:

Information about "adaptive technology," which can make computers accessible to employees with disabilities
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Organisations and projects:

Disability Management Employer Coalition (USA)
DMEC provides educational resources in the areas of disability, absence, health and productivity.
The Work Foundation (UK)
A not-for-profit organisation that brings all sides of working organisations together to find the best ways of improving both economic performance and quality of working life.
The Institute for Work & Health (Canada)
This organisation provides research information on injury prevention, return to work, clinical practice and compensation.
National Institute of Disability Management and Research (Canada)
An education, training and research organization with the primary focus on the implementation of work-place based reintegration programs developed from international research.
The Cochrane Collaboration Library (International)
Systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare interventions.
The WORC Project – Valuing Employee Health (University of Queensland)
This project aims at identifying employees with symptoms of depression and encouraging them to seek advice from a mental health professional.
The International Disability Management Standards Council
A leading international organisation focused on disability management.
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