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RTW Knowledge Base
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Knowledge Base Champions

The Return To Work Knowledge Base was developed with the support and assistance of a Project Committee and four stakeholder groups each of which is intimately concerned with achieving successful outcomes to injury and illness at work. Their generous support throughout the project makes these people our Champions.  Thank you.

The participants were consulted individually or collectively regarding their problems and positive experiences in the field i.e. what works for them. Appropriate research was then identified and articles written to translate the research into simple English and comments added to them.  Resources were also identified and complied.  The resulting site content was then further refined on the advice of the participants. 

The Knowledge Base CHAMPIONS are:

Project Committee Members  
Tracey Browne Employer Group
Paul Coburn Treating Practitioner Group
David Cragg Employee Group
Evan Dalstead Insurer Group
Robynne Dashwood Employee Group
Coralie Haddingham All Groups
Andrea James Treating Practitioner Group
Carol Lapeyre Treating Practitioner Group
Janet Russell Employer Group
Michael Simpson Employer Group
Mary Wyatt Project Chair & Focus Groups Facilitator
Bianca VonBlomberg Insurer Group
Employee Focus Group Members  Insurer Focus Group Members
Larry Cook  Susan Arnautovic
Bruce Downes  Paula Coleman
Claire Franklin  Janit Gardner
Sally Gibbins  Rachael Heath
Jim Harper  Tracey Heath
Hilary Holland  Fiona Lamb
Tim Hwang  Jimmy Lau
Tony Laidlaw  Jackson Lin
Carol Lee-tet  Dan Miles
Steve McGee  Frances O'Connor
Nancy McIntyre  Julia Panayi
Anastasia Polygenis  Pippa Rose
Huw Schwarz  Mandy Stone
Phil Wilson  Jodi Thrun
Julia Zuber  
Treating Practitioner Focus Group Members  Employer Focus Group Members
Frank Comer  Bill Deans
Robyn Horsley  Tim Hwang
Tim Hwang  Michael Long
Di McDonald  Terry McKay
Harry Papagoras  Samantha Park
Paul Pers  Isabella Pettenon
Kevin Sleigh  Andrew Plucke
Peter Werth  Helen Quick
   Jacqui Show
   Leah Tully