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RTW Knowledge Base
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The Return To Work Knowledge Base 

Research on the subject of returning to work after an illness or injury has been identified and translated into simple English here.  The articles are written in an easy to read format with perspectives on the evidence presented for Employees, Employers, Health Professionals and Insurers. 

Articles and resources have been collected into these four groups.  Navigate the site using the group summary pages.  These are accessible from the home page or the tabs above. The navigation menus display topics and sub topics.  Alternatively all articles are listed under a single tab or the search function will list results for any term.

The Knowledge Base was developed by the Foundation for Research into Injury and Illness in the Workplace Inc (ResWorks). A Project Committee led by Dr Mary Wyatt convened focus groups (see Champions page) to advise on content. 

The Knowledge Base is an ongoing project which considers the available scientific literature worldwide and identifies suitable research for review and publication.  

Usage Permission:  The Return To Work Knowledge Base is a free site, usage of content by individuals in transmission to other individuals via email or hard copy material is encouraged and does not require acknowledgement.  Usage by individuals or organisations to communicate with groups of people within their organisation is encouraged provided acknowledgement of the source and url is given i.e. Return To Work Knowledge Base, rtwknowledge.org.  Where possible material that appears online should display the url acknowledgement as an active link to rtwknowledge.org, which opens in a new browser window.   Use by training organisations charging for their services is not covered.  If training organisations wish to use content from The Return To Work Knowledge Base please make contact.  Charges will apply, and will support continued development of the site.

Project Funding:

WorkSafe Victoria - Return To Work Fund:

Manager - Meaghan Smith (to December 07), Marcia Barker from Dec 2007.
Project Co-ordinator - Nina Worrall

Project Committee:

Dr Mary Wyatt (Chair), Occupational Physician 
Janet Russell, Continuing Education Bendigo
David Cragg, Australian Workers Union
Robynne Dashwood,  Eastern Health
Dr Andrea James, Occupational Physician
Tracey Browne, Australian Industry Group
Paul Coburn, Physiotherapist, WorkSafe Victoria
Bianca von Blomberg, Transport Accident Commission
Kathryn Londrigan, Transport Accident Commission
Chris Tsoukalas, QBE Insurance
Michael Simpson, OccCorp Pty Ltd
Coralie Hadingham, WorkSafe Victoria
Carol Lapeyre, The Rehab Factor
Evan Dalstead, Self Insurers Association of Victoria

Project Team:

Project Manager, Robert Hughes

Project Co-ordinator, Julie Arbery (to September 2007), Cheryl Griffiths  

Writing & Translation -

  • Team Leader & Senior Writer
    • Dr Mary Wyatt  
  • Editor
    • Robert Hughes  
  • Writers:
    • Hilary Hoare
    • Aleece Mac Phail
    • Timothy O’Leary (to August 2007)
  • Proof readers:
    • Tom McCarthy
    • Tom Mac Phail
    • Scott Peters  
  • Research:
    • Benjamin Lucato
    • Christina Lucato
    • Will Hughes


  • Team Leader - Margaret Kelly (to October 2007), Cheryl Griffiths
  • Manager - Scott Peters

Site design & Development - Rayner Brown

Project Process & Content Auditor - Dr Paul Pers - SANO

Financial Consultant - John Paxinos - John Paxinos & Associates